Switching Direction

Written Feb 2017

5 minute read

It’s been a long time since Nintendo was on top. Even longer in technology years, which run roughly in sync with dog years. Recent attempts to innovate a medium seemingly hell-bent on conformity with the likes of the Wii U have proven costly and fruitless, with rumours previously abound of the company’s development shifting from the living room to focus solely on the handheld market.

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SuTCO’s The Duchess of Malfi

Foreword: SuTCO – Sheffield University Theatre Company

Written Nov 2016

4 minute read

For even the most talented stage actor, classical plays can be a monumental challenge to rehearse and perform. Modern language is so far removed from the flowing, verbose scripts of yesteryear that knowing how to engage the audience is just as important as learning what to say.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003)

Written Dec 2015

2 minute read

In the early post-millennial years, amidst the ongoing disappointment of the Star Wars prequels, Canadian studio Bioware was busy crafting an entirely new era of Jedi and the Force. Set four thousand years before the events of the films, Kotor was a startlingly ambitious attempt to bring together one developer’s award-winning role playing prowess and a beloved universe quickly haemorrhaging new followers. Despite the immense pressure, there can be little doubt that Bioware succeeded in creating what arguably remains to this day the best Star Wars game in our galaxy.

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Shut Up & Sit Down: Interview with Quintin Smith

Written Dec 2016

7 minute read

The board gaming industry is booming. Where once our shelves were filled with ornaments, books and storage boxes, now they groan under the weight of weird and wonderful miniatures, boards and rulebooks. Contained within each is the promise of endless evenings together, kicking back with a beer and some good friends. But it wasn’t always like this. Continue reading “Shut Up & Sit Down: Interview with Quintin Smith”